AI-Generated “Dope Francis” Fools the Web

One in every of 4 Midjourney-generated pictures of Pope Francis in a white puffer jacket, from u/trippy_art_special’s put up at the Midjourney subreddit (by way of Reddit) An AI-generated symbol depicting the collection Pope Francis wearing a white puffer jacket went viral on social media over the weekend, spawning myriad nicknames together with Dope Francis, … Read more

As AI-generated fingers develop into extra sensible, it’s going to get more difficult to identify the fakes

remark in this tale Remark When Aidan Ragan creates artificially generated pictures, he expects the folk in his photos to have knotty, veiny fingers with 5 or extra arms. However this month, as he sat in on his College of Florida magnificence about AI in artwork, he used to be shocked to look a well-liked … Read more

No dependable strategy to stumble on AI-generated textual content, sigh boffins • Sign in

The recognition of phrase salads generated by means of massive language fashions (LLMs) akin to OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Google’s Bard and Meta’s LLaMa has caused teachers to hunt strategies for machine-generated textual content detection. Unfortunately, present seek schemes might not be significantly better than tossing a coin, expanding the chance that we will be able to … Read more

Jason Allen of Colorado desires to copyright his AI-generated paintings

Jason Allen, who received the Colorado State Truthful artwork festival closing 12 months with synthetic intelligence artwork, stated he’ll attraction the selections to america Copyright Place of job if they do not cross his manner. Allen, who’s combating to keep his synthetic intelligence copyright and creative possession, stands close to the Riverwalk in Pueblo on … Read more

StrangeWorks CEO Wharley impresses SXSW target market with AI-generated presentation on QuantumAI’s possible to form the longer term

5 years in the past, Will Hurley introduced his quantum computing corporate, Strangeworks, at the primary degree at South by means of Southwest. On Wednesday morning, he returned to SXSW to give the facility of quantum computing and synthetic intelligence to resolve the sector’s largest issues and alter the best way everybody works and lives. … Read more